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Shipping a wide load can be a complex task especially when you do not have the right vehicles. When looking for transportation services for your over width loads, it is vital to consider a company that has a sterling reputation for safe and timely hauling, and with excellent vehicles, capable of shipping your loads regardless if size, shape and height.

Blue Riders LTD Over-width loads are all types of oversize loads that exceed the maximum legal length, weight, and height as stipulated by each state or province in the United States. Any, load that is more than 8.5 feet wide and other exceptional loads require special permits to travel on public highways. It is vital to ensure the company you choose for shipping of your wide load can obtain permits and other requirements such as escorts and pilots cars if required in the transportation.


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Before jumping into any conclusion concerning transportation of your over-width load, it is crucial to understand that flatbed shipping can be tricky especially when it comes to shipping over dimensional loads such as bulldozers, tractors, combines, cranes steel beams, and even prefabricated homes. It is vital to understand the exact weight and dimensions of your shipment to plan for the correct type of equipment and choose the right company that is capable of hauling your cargo. 

Some considerations that all shippers need to put into their minds before they prepare for transportation of their over-width loads include:

  • Understanding the legal limits for flatbed loads
  • Know how to find out if your load is oversize
  • Understand the rules for and when you require travel escorts for your oversized loads
  • Understand all the factors that may impact your over-sized load transportation schedules
  • Know the requirements and all meanings for individual marketing

Blue Riders Ltd have met all the standards, and we have all you need for shipping your load.




A wide load is any load that exceeds the legal dimensions allowed by state, county, or even country regulations. By definition, any load that is wider than 8.5 feet is considered a wide load. 

A Blue Riders Ltd logistics agent will help you determine what type of trailer and precautions are best when shipping a wide load. This ensures your cargo--and the people transporting it--arrive safely. 

  • Generally, a maximum legal load is 8.5 feet for both height and width. Anything over that is considered an oversize load.

  • Most wide loads require an escort or pilot car for safe travel.
  • Specialized permits are required for wide load freight to make sure shipping is done within regulations.

  • Permitted travel times for wide loads vary by state. Depending on the state, shipping a wide load during holidays and weekends may be restircted. Other requirements may be restricting travel during certain times of the day.

  • Wide load transport costs vary based on the freight, the permits required, and the driving routes planned for hauling.

  • Blue Riders Ltd logistics team will do our best to provide you with the most affordable wide load shipping estimate.


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